I am originally from Portugal and I have been living in the U.K. since 2014.

After studying medicine and working a couple years as a doctor, I moved to Cambridge where I did a PhD in neuroscience. This year I will be moving to Norway where I will work as a researcher at the interface of neuroscience and data science.

In parallel I have been making music for many years. I released my first solo album under the alias Swoop and Cross in 2018, with Time Released Sound.

Although I am trained in classical guitar I mostly use keys, synths and electronics to make my music. I am very much inspired by cinema and literature in my creative process; think Tarr, Tarkovsky, Angelopoulos as well as Krasznahorkai, Plath, Bukowski and Saramago.

I am currently working on my second album 'The ones you know'. I will share more about it soon.

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