Rothko Room @ Tate Modern, London

Mark Rothko is one of my favourite artists. For reasons I cannot explain (and I must admit I'd rather avoid to fully understanding) his work mesmerises me. I can sit for an hour looking at one of his paintings without noticing the time passing.

I mixed the track "Skopi" a couple years back at the Rothko Room at the Tate Modern in London and this was the final mix of the track, the one you can hear on my LP. I believe music hangs on unique moments and the song felt uniquely right at that moment so I decided to preserve that - that's something I must keep reminding myself: instead of overproducing music, sometimes making it under the influence of a certain feeling or emotion makes it less perfect but much more truth. And that's what I guess we are all looking for.

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Joachim Trier's Oslo, August 31

My music is often inspired by work from others, mostly in the form of text of image. The track "Sykkel" of my debut album was very much influenced by the beautiful bicycle scene of the 2011 Norwegian movie "Oslo, August 31" by Joachim Trier.


In this scene the characters portrayed by Anders D. Lie embraces the character portrayed by Malin Crépin while she pedals the bicycle they are sharing. The striking blend of dissonant moods between the two characters in this very genuine scene drove me to write the track "Sykkel" (Norwegian for bicycle), a song about embracing loss and commiting to abandon.

S&C (21.Nov.2017)

Onni - Swoop and Cross
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